Exploring the Wild within and the Wild outside 



Welcome to Wildbird, specialising in spirited adventure for wild at heart women, The sacred heart of Tantric Bodywork and the deep opening of Tantra Yoga. 
These offerings call you to your wilder, more essential nature. Inviting the outside in and the inside out for greater personal freedom. 


Hi, I'm Candace, my friends call me Billy, I'm a Tantric Journey facilitator, and a Tantra Yoga teacher, though mostly, I am a long aspiring Wildbird.

"To be wild means to be skin free, heart free and soul free. To be wild means to be led by the heart. And what I mean by the heart is the passion that ignites life and purpose in someone’s being. A wild woman is neither good nor bad; she is right in the middle, playfully creating her own sense of balance."
Farah Ayaad





 It makes me happy to journey barefoot, grubby, goofy and expanded in some of the most beautiful places the outside has to offer. I love how it shifts awareness and perception to grace, possibility and inspiration, while deeply nourishing not only my physical body... Not too long ago I needed it to bring me back to life, I needed it to remember my spirit and the sanctuary of my soul. I needed it to shake up my relationship with my body, challenging it to feel the glow of victory and the African sun. 

 Maybe you need it too?

I invite you to share in the joy and personal glory of it with me.


 I am infinitely interested in the Mystery and have in some ways been searching for the grace of the Divine Feminine, most of my life… more and more I learn how she moves and breathes in me. I love combining what I have come to know empirically through my own body and learned through various lineages, in simple body and heart opening experiences, particularly for women, that enliven and enrich. 

Slow movement with breath in yoga, the way it is sensual or sorrowful or expansive in one moment, and childlike in another, the way I get to move through all the debris clambering around my mind and just be a little. When I manage to pry myself from my minds daily obsessions, yoga with breath soothes and fine tunes the subtle reaches of how I am being.

Sincere effort has moved me through truly awesome long term meditation experiences, deep release bodywork processes, outside adventures, intensive yoga, breath work, Tantra and teacher plants.  They have all served as a reminder to keep coming to myself,  brought further awareness of internal realities, many of which, they  have allowed me to permanently release.  

candace-beth-greeff-tantra yoga-south-africa.wildbird.co.za

​The mind is reflected in the body, and as such the body provides an access point for releasing the old and changing the mind through touch, movement and breath, and this change is enormously supported by simply being outside. Outside, the land and the elements are medicine for the psyche.


"It is in the wild places where the edge of the earth meets the corners of the sky the human spirit is fed"

Art Wolfe

​Our bodies hold the stories and shapes of our lives, what we’ve been through, thought and felt.

Yoga and deep Bodywork challenge the shapes our minds have made physical, offering the opportunity to let go, and renew our perspectives.

​ It's a blessing to have learned what I know as part of adventures in places like, Hawaii, Thailand, India, the UK, Zanzibar and South Africa.  My training in ancient massage and cutting edge bodywork processes as well as yoga, meditation and breath work have all been a part of my own necessary exploration within...I look forward to sharing with you what I have learned, whether it's on my massage table, on your mat or out adventuring.  


I walk a lot, dance a bit and do a smidge of yoga.  Paddling 40+ km down a river on a SUP felt like mission impossible.  And camping - that's something other people do!  This whole adventure was very much outside of my comfort zone.  But my heart and soul were fractured and exhausted; and the lure of freedom from the hamster wheel of my life was too intoxicating to turn down. With Candace reassuring me she would make a ‘wild bird’ out of me; we turned up the tunes and headed to the Orange....read more


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