when you touch a body you are touching an intimately connected and responsive system composed of virtually all the molecules in the body, linked together.

Connective tissue binds every cell in the body to its neighbor and is able to store and communicate information across the entire body. 

Subtly held contractions from posture, thought patterns, habitual movement patterns, injury, scarring and trauma, cause the connective tissue to lose fluidity all the way to physical and/or emotional limitation being held or locked there.

Emotional 'residue' is often part of why and where the tissue may lock up and this 'residue', when not released informs our perception daily.  

I've been a touch therapist for more than 10 years, along the way to understanding how the body relates to the mind I have worked with Hawaiian Lomi-lomi or Kahuna massage, Chavuti Thirumal(massage by foot pressure), advanced Hawaiian Bodywork, Structural Integration, Pelvic Heart Integration, Emotional Detox and Fascia Release.  All inform the way I work irrespective of the kind of session you choose, and all offer a broader spectrum of therapeutics to bring into each session.

Click on the bodywork options below for a full description and details of each. 


Hawaiian Bodywork

An all encompassing bodywork process using rhythm, breath and fluid movement to effect deep change in the physical, mental and subtle bodies. 

Fascia Release

Fascia release alone is a relatively technical kind of bodywork. It includes cutting edge connective tissue manipulation techniques focusing on one or two specific problem areas or movement planes per session. 


Pelvic Heart Opening

A focus on opening the front body, in particular the pelvis, belly and chest. This kind of session  also addresses issues relating to sexual function, personal power and personal freedom. (This is not erotic or sexual bodywork)

Fascia Release and Equine Fascia Release

South Africa

Heartworks Lomi-lomi, Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork, Advanced Hawaiian Bodywork

United Kingdom and Hawaii.

Chavutti Tirumal (rope massage by foot pressure) and Thai Massage

India and Thailand.

Emotional Detox

United Kingdom

Taoist Touch Work

South Africa