Bodywork Testimonials

'I am not quite sure how she does it but I came off her table really bouncing and full of life ready to take on the world. The combination of intuitive and visionary body work and deep massage as well as an observation into self makes a potent and heady combination that works deeply to clear wounding one is often not even aware existed.  World class bodywork with a little something for the mind to feed on too.  Deeply nourishing intuitively working on whatever needed to be worked on.'

Adam Suzman, Author of Buddha Bratz

'Thanks for all you have done. The willingness to listen and then use it as a guide to how you approach your sessions.'


'Candace is a beautiful intuitive free-spirit. She creates a safe and accepting space where her healing touch is both provocative and calming. She serves with passion and empathy and I felt her light shine deep into me. I left here session feeling inspired and joyful.'


'Candace is such an amazing soul. I've been to a few similar practitioners before meeting Candace, and not to undermine anyone but the experience I had with her was unlike any other. A real gem, who I highly recommend . Besides skill, what I love most about Candace is her sincerity and love. Thank you Candace'