A never before kind of Couples Experience.

Wild Bird Yoga and Bodywork for Lovers.


Gotten away from yourselves and each other a little?

Renew  together in unexplored ways with surprising results.

For two days I will  be devoted to opening, strengthening and relaxing all of you…ease into yourselves and each other.


Sunrise Wild Bird Yoga

Wake languidly just before dawn and let me guide you through two hours of yoga and expansive meditation drawing from Tantra, Ishta and Vinyasa Yoga. Slow, strong yoga for strength and presence, available to all bodies and minds. A joyful, sensual practice including a little work with the breath and carefully guided meditation.


Wild Bird Bodywork

Receive two, two hour bodywork sessions from me, one each a day. Exceptional multi-technique bodywork and massage combining Fascia Release with Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork principals.

A thorough bodywork experience addressing connective tissue locks and even shifting states of mind  swiftly and effectively.


We close each day with gentle yoga postures and sublime guided meditation.


2 days

3 hours of deep yoga practice each day

A two hour bodywork session each day.

Choose from a small range of carefully selected boutique accommodation options along the Dolphin Coast.

Catered or self catering.

Available to a range of budgets.

Go ahead and contact me to find out more