How is genital touch involved?


Getting into the pelvis means putting being awkward about the body aside, so that we can work. The way I approach the body alone, yields greater maturity in this regard. I am not concerned with bouts of arousal, most of which are natural responses to sensation, and they change and subside. The mind adjusts to the clarity of my intention swiftly and we proceed comfortably and effectively.  It can also be involved simply by bringing breath and attention to, and this is purposeful.  

Does this process address premature ejaculation?

In my experience yes, often, but more as a natural by product than an aim.  There are many factors associated, sometimes it is purely physical locking from injury or scarring and sometimes a disturbance in pelvic energies. The process supports self observation and allowing previous fears, unconscious decisions and incorrect perceptions to come to the surface and be cleared. 


Aspects of receiving bodywork



Metaphysically speaking the practice of dropping the thinking mind creates the space for communication between the subconscious, and the super-conscious mind or higher self, that aspect of the self that is always witness to the thinking mind and associated with Divinity. This communication or alignment, offers the subconscious new information as uniquely personal wisdom.  It's a centering, a coming to self, a quietening so that we might hear our hearts speak. In Eastern expression this is also expressed as a prana or life force balancing practice.


On a physiological level it is even consistently possible to alter gene expression associated with disease by eliciting what Herbert Benson a researcher at Harvard University calls The Relaxation Response, a 'no mind' response from meditative practices. From just a few weeks of 12 minutes a day it is repeatedly and predictably observed that gene sets for specific diseases actually 'switch off', never mind some of the other by-products of the 'no mind' response like lowered blood pressure, heart and breathing rates, a calming of the brain and a healthier metabolism..a two hour session goes a long way in eliciting this response to bring greater personal wisdom and a healthier body. 


Self Observation


We spend so much of our time looking out at the world and processing external stimulus we seldom find the space to check our processing equipment, the stuff that forms our perception of reality. The bodywork process helps bring our awareness to ideas and emotions we hold but find difficult to acknowledge and release. Self observation is of the body too, during the session you are encouraged to observe actual physical sensation on the body, helping to bring the mind out of thinking about the past or the future and experience more presence to the reality of a moment.  This has the dual effect of having us feel more, so really feel the true emotion of our being, the painful and the beautiful, and making us more sensitive to sensation, especially pleasure. 

Self observation is an aspect of meditation, they share physiological and metaphysical effects.




I've already mentioned Herbert Benson's research about The Relaxation Response, but relaxation is also a softening of the shapes we hold in our musculature that relate to our thoughts and feelings.

Deep relaxation releases very intrinsic tensions especially with the help of bodywork and creates space for new ideas.  


But it's really the receivers responsibility to take the opportunity and really be with themselves.

As the giver I hold a relatively clear empty space through a bodywork session that moves in the direction of softening and opening, so that you might relax into your uniquely personal wisdom, not mine.

I received glorious amounts of this work many years ago and it served me well. I have extended myself in the same way for more than 10 years, the way I work is unique and comes from my experience with tantric bodywork almost weekly for over a year, bodywork training, breath work, a considerable amount of time spent in meditation, tantra philosophy and yoga.  My approach is personal, simple and real.