Transform in the comfort of your own home

Private Personalized Yoga


Whether you are curious about yoga, looking to go deeper or craving some alignment with your soul, I am honored to share what I have come to know.



Let go


You have landed right where you need to be for the complete body singing, heart soaring, soul aligning practice of yoga.


For the regular class schedule go here, otherwise invite me to come to you wherever you are along Durban’s North Coast.  Your lounge, or a quiet uninterrupted corner is perfect, we can even head to the beach, you decide.

Choose solo sessions or invite your friends for a weekly class, together we will create a space where you can realign with your soul, strengthen and relax.


My intention is not to turn you into a contortionist but rather help you expand, come to yourself and remember how strong, capable and truly worthy you are. Yoga IS for everyone, and it will meet you where you are, as you are.


Your classes will be tailored to your specific goals and needs.  I like to keep things simple and relatively slow for building strength, meditation in movement and steady expansion. Some days we need to shake things up and get in touch with our wild self, some days we need to reign ourselves in and listen more intently...always, we need to be with ourselves and navigate from within. My classes reflect this, drawing from my training in Tantra yoga, Ishta yoga, Vinyasa and a lot of unusual glorious life stuff. The breath is key and music will move us too.

120 minute class

Yes, two hours to give you the greatest value for your money and to allow for a complete practice including breathwork and Yoga Nidra meditation. I want you to KNOW the full spectrum of yoga for maximum affect in your life, now. These are exceptional classes balancing strength building with deep intrinsic relaxation.

Just you R 650

2 to 4 people R 300 each

5 or more people R 220 each