Traditional Tantra Yoga 

Yoga is a 'culturing' of the nervous system, it recognises that the whole body, the nervous system, and the subconscious are synonymous with each other.  That means that how you respond to life, how you truly feel about yourself , the decisions you've made about yourself and life and all your 'unprocessed' experiences however small or large, are also in your physiology.

 Yoga means to clear, integrate and re-inform these systems to minimise fragmentation, so that in every situation all of you is aware and responding accurately, generating healthy thoughts and desired outcomes. This is largely the reason yoga, especially Tantra yoga, is extremely useful for stress, anxiety and trauma.  

Tantra yoga integrates and re-informs, it uses the words 'drop your thinking mind' and 'totally relax' as instructions, you are invited to drop the entire conscious spectrum and meditate your 'whole self' while in a shape.  Tantra says, your mind can never resolve a behaviour by thinking on it more, the mind is only an aspect of the whole and can never know the full picture.  

But what is 'dropping the thinking mind, and what happens when we practice this?   simply put, it's letting your cork float, suspending all considerations of all aspects of your life and who you are for a time,  zero anticipation for the next moment.   Simply being in this practice does the work, no need to become frustrated by the continual arsing of internal commentary but treating thoughts as passing impersonal phenomena to allow the more primary, essential or fundamental aspect of self to inform our thoughts, feelings and physiology.  This practice is now  prescribed as curative for many illnesses including cancer and is even proven to consistently change gene expression.

Ancient Tantric science understood that the mind engaged and tension in the body constitute  a 'separation' from subtle essential reality. It understood that dropping the thinking mind and relaxing, as a regular practice gives the entire system access to ineffable information that is consistently and measurably healthful on every level.