Your mind is in every cell of your body

Candace Pert

Tantric Journey


2 hr tailored sessions

For women R 1200

For men R 1800

A focus on opening the front body for greater personal freedom in body and mind.

The process combines fascia release techniques, shamanic bodywork and Tantric Emotional detox bodywork.

We work to free the pelvis, belly, diaphragm and shoulder girdle, integrating energies of the pelvis with the whole and releasing long held subtle contractions.  


This bodywork is applied with the following understanding

The mind and emotions are represented in the body, the mind, body and emotions are different but not separate.

Any event or thought/feeling/belief that you can experience as negative, undesirable or stressful, all the way to trauma (physical and emotional) will cause the front body to contract. A curling inward, from the core as in the fetal position occurs to varying degrees.

Fascia (connective tissue) research reveals deep, intrinsic, subtle contraction of the front body is related to many other structural, postural, sexual and emotional limitations.

Subtle intrinsic contractions create locks and limitations in the connective tissue limiting movement ,flow of current, lymph and blood, and this affects the organs and systems associated as well as general physical performance and agility.

Subtle intrinsic contractions or realities, inform our perception daily.

The inner thighs, pelvis, the belly, diaphragm, rib cage throat and jaw, otherwise known as the Deep Core Line is arguably the most important kinetic line to affect in the direction of greater mental, emotional,  physical agility and relative freedom.


Most often this area is avoided. Tantric Bodywork focuses on exploring and unlocking the deep core line.

The benefits are far reaching, affecting the mind and mental perspective, improving breathing and oxygen intake and often correcting problems that arise from poor movement of lymph, blood and current in the pelvic region.

Palpation and tissue manipulation includes tissue on, around and deep to the pelvic bone, and sit bones. I work sensitively and assertively, where sexual arousal occurs there is no embarrassment or strangeness, and this in itself can be very helpful in integrating sexual ideas and sensations in the body with the heart and higher intellect.


I treat every body with respect and curiosity.


Why choose Tantric Bodywork?

Emotional detox - lighten your load. We are softening shapes in the body from things experienced, thought and felt, flushing, making space, creating movement, clearing and renewing.


effectively resolve physical limitation and pain.


Increase vitality and vigor.


Resolve imbalance in pelvic and sexual energies.


Literally be more connected with your body and your essential nature.

Address sexual trauma.



Emotional Detox

United Kingdom

Taoist Touch Work

South Africa

Fascia Release

South Africa


A little more on Tantra

Empirical understanding of your true self is what these sessions are all about, without imposing philosophy, they are not to be confused with erotic or 'sexual' bodywork. 

All Tantra really is, is the movement in India from Universal Truths/Teachings being available to renunciate's, ascetics and men them being available to everyone...So if you have sex and you consider the nature of reality on a quantum level and how it relates to your mind, you are a 'Tantrika'...which today is much of the western world.

Tantra is a Universal Science – any philosophy has a very intricate esoteric dimension or 'essence of teaching', the word tantra really means essence of teaching. Tantra is but one transmission of the essence of teachings, allowing an expanded and integrated view of self in relation to all that is, of self as a microcosm of the macrocosm,  a 'specialization' of the infinite, if you will, always reflecting your internal environment. 


Sexuality relates to the root of limiting beliefs, emotional contraction and personal power, working into the soft tissue of the pelvis accesses everything related to the pelvis from the psychological to the physiological.  Tantra is not about sex, it's about universal principles, harnessing energy, realizing your true nature and operating from there, a centered, self guidance and vibrancy.


I do not presume to teach anyone anything, your own personally relevant wisdom is of the greatest value and I am honored to facilitate this.

When you completely relax into the experience of life, tantra says, your most glorious nature can be expressed.