Don't seek don't search don't ask don't knock don't demand, relax.

When you relax it comes, when you relax it is there, when you relax, you start vibrating with it.


Tantra Yoga

The emphasis in Tantra yoga is on the relaxation aspect of each posture, and breathing to expand physically and subtly... Postures are slow and deep but not without challenge…from wherever you and your body are right now, any level...taste your essence.

Hatha yoga started as the physical arm of Tantra, but the two separated as the west became more interested in dynamic yoga as a workout. In many studio styles what happens in your mind is a result of what you do with your body, in Tantra yoga what happens in your body is a result of what you do with your mind. 

So in Tantra yoga how you are with your mind during practice is of greater importance, or rather more emphasis is placed on this aspect of practice.

I love the diversity in yoga, the skill, inspiration, knowledge and creativity  different teachers offer, and I am grateful too for having explored my own practice in such a deeply personal way. I practice and create from other styles and lineages, but all informed from this foundation.


The more you relax, the deeper the posture, the broader the benefit...the more of your delicious essence you enjoy.

So it’s a meditative system inviting subconscious integration of new information, the ‘new information’ comes from the essence of your being, through the movement, the breath and deep relaxation in every posture.

An extended, intimate inquiry into the wellspring of your own existence, a tweaking of joy, pleasure and vibrancy.


This is what makes it ‘Tantra’ yoga or a Yin system. It uses simple instruction to avoid engaging the conscious mind, and to allow your personal journey with yoga to unfold with only necessary influences from the teacher.  

"New information comes with the ability to relax….Tantra Yoga says:  Drop the entire conscious spectrum, avoid engaging the mind during practice. Let it be an empirical unfolding of your own internal, and personally relevant wisdom."

Bhagavan Shri Sanmukha


A series of 12 Asana’s including Pranayama (breathing exercises) and Bandhas (gentle muscular contractions to retain and direct energy).


Being with your body where it really is and practicing relaxing into challenge without pushing or comparison.

Through the awareness of the body, meditation arises and the subconscious is informed by our true nature…it’s all about dropping the thinking mind enough to allow the essence of who you are, synonymous with your heart, to influence the root of thoughts, feelings and decisions.


Tantra says…When you completely relax into the experience of life, your most glorious nature can be expressed.